The Only London Personal Trainers Who Absolutely GUARANTEE You’ll Melt Away AT LEAST A Clothing Size Within 21 Days Or Get DOUBLE Your Money Back!

If you’ve landed at this page you’re probably interested in finding a personal trainer in Islington, London to help you to achieve your health, fitness and fat loss results but, like most people you’re probably more than a little confused about where to start and who to trust. With literally thousands of personal trainers and instructors to choose from in and around London and a gazillion websites pages, ads and flyers to trawl through we understand how hard it must be to make a decision about who to trust with your time, your effort, your goals and, of course, your hard-earned money. It must be like taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best, right? Not a good place to start out on your journey toward getting into the fittest, firmest and best shape of your life really, is it? And such a financial risk too! After all, working with a personal trainer, especially in London where the fees are the highest of anywhere in the UK is not a cheap thing to do, yet most people are forced to gamble their money as their personal trainer is guaranteed an income regardless of the result. That’s never really seemed fair to us. After all, no one ever tapped into Google “Wanted: Personal trainer to stand by machine, count to 10 a lot and charge me lots of money” did they? In fact, we realised years ago that the truth is, people don’t really want a personal trainer at all… They want results!

That’s why we’ve built our business around being the UK’s only ‘No Win- No Fee’ personal training company.

If you don’t get the results we promise in the time we promise then you simply don’t pay us a penny.

In fact, it gets even better than that!

On many of our personal training services, if we fail to deliver the goods we offer double-your-money-back by way of an apology for failing you.

You see, having been involved in the fitness and personal training profession for over 15 now, we’ve become increasingly frustrated and annoyed by the poor standards and lack of results that personal trainers have been getting away with.

We found that most gyms and health clubs were more concerned with keeping numbers up and generating membership sales than they were about client care, customer experience or, perhaps most important of all, the results that brought the client to them in the first place.

What’s more, those gyms that offered personal training as an extra service on top of their membership fees were using low paid, poorly trained and under-qualified gym instructors to fulfil the role, essentially offering a bargain basement personal training services at prices that were anything but.

With all this in mind, we set out to create a personal training service second to none where our clients would receive top-notch guidance from those who really knew how to put the ‘personal’ into personal training, creating an environment, an experience and a level of results that the big, chain-gyms would be hard pressed to match.

Dorota got fantastic results with her London personal trainer

So that’s what we did! Our Islington-based personal training studios in London are a world away from the glass and chrome, sterile, ‘corporate’ gyms that intimidate most people who are starting out on their fat loss and fitness journeys.

You won’t find banks upon banks of cardio machines, resistance equipment and all of the ‘usual’ gym paraphernalia you normally associate with ‘normal’ gyms and personal training centres and you certainly won’t find any of those ridiculous vibrating plates either.

Here at Dax Moy Personal Training Studios the focus is on YOU rather than the equipment. In fact, many people comment that that personal training with us doesn’t really feel like going to a gym at all! Sure, our 3000sq.ft personal training studio (over 2 floors) has all the balls, bands, barbells and boxing equipment as you’d expect but we only have 2 cardio and 2 resistance machines in the whole place and you’ll probably only use them rarely… if at all.

Instead you’ll spend the bulk of your time using your bodyweight, dumbells, barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, Indian clubs and even sandbags to add variety, effectiveness and, ultimately, results to your personal training sessions.

But before you even get to the point where you’re training, you’ll go through what is arguably the most in-depth assessment in the UK personal training industry.

In fact, personal trainers from all around the world travel to London to attend our specialist personal training courses to learn the exact same skills we’ll be using with you so you can be sure they’re cutting-edge. You see, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality personal training services to our clients and we know that unless we’re assessing then we’re guessing about what you need to do to get amazing results rapidly and safely and, well, we don’t do guessing.

Our Kinetic Chain Assessment allows us to understand the truly unique way your body functions and, as you’ll see when you experience it for yourself, it really does leave no tone unturned. In fact, by the time we’ve finished assessing you, you’ll know more about your body and why you’ve had sticking points, injuries and those niggling aches and pains than ever before.

And when you do, those results will come faster than ever before too! But we don’t expect you to believe all this on our say so. Every personal trainer will tell you that they are best, right? What truly sets us apart from the rest of the gyms and trainers in the area is that whilst we do all we can to attract personal training clients to our studios, we don’t allow ‘just anyone’ to work with us.

You Could Say That We’re A ‘By Invitation Only’ Personal Training Company.

We Only Work With People Who Are 100% Ready, Willing And Able To Commit To Getting Amazing Results In The Fastest Time Possible

We don’t have a sales team or a marketing team, our personal training coaches do every consultation personally to see if we’re a good fit for each other or if we feel you’ll be wasting your money by working with us. We’ll soon find out if you’re ready for the kind of commitment we’ll be asking from you and if you’re not we’ll be completely honest with you so that you can find a service that may suit you better.

We’re extremely proud of the experience and results we give to our personal training clients and know that if you’re truly ready for change then you’ll love working with us to achieve your health and fitness goals and get into great shape faster than ever, but it’s only fair to warn you that our services are a little… different.

We’ll ask more of you than you may be used to from other gyms and personal trainers that you may have worked with before.

We’ll challenge you more, hold you to your promises and expect you to be a willing partner in the creation of the new body you most desire.

We’re certainly not about torturing or bullying our clients into taking action but we DO expect you to apply the principles we teach you and give us your all while you’re with us (you don’t have to be fit or strong to start with us but you do have to use whatever strength and fitness you have while you’re here… no coasting!)

Simply put, we’re professional coaches here. We earn our living and gain our satisfaction from seeing our clients get amazing results faster and with more fun than they’ve ever gotten them before.

We’re all really friendly but we’re not here to BE your friend. You don’t pay your friends with your hard earned cash to hang out with them, right? The only reason you’re with us is to get those results that have been eluding you, isn’t it?

And that’s what WE are 100% committed to delivering.

Are YOU ready to do what it takes to achieve the results you’ve always wanted? Still not sure? Then check out the 8 reasons why we’re able to get such amazing results for our Islington personal training clients
If you are, then all you have to do to get started is pick up the phone today and call us on 020 7354 3550 to set up your free no-obligation consultation where we’ll guide you through how we can work with you to achieve your goals.

There’s no time like the present!I hope we get to meet in person real soon : ) Sincerely, Dax Moy “Putting The ‘Personal’ Into Personal Training”